House Rewire

All properties will eventually need rewiring. Wear and tear, deterioration along with changes in lifestyle lead to this moment.

If you are upgrading your property, buying a new home or refurbishing a property for rental it is not uncommon to require a full house rewire. The task can be a disruptive and expensive process.

The first part of the process called a first fix electrical includes all old cabling being removed and the installation of new cabling and back boxes.

Once the plastering is carried out the sockets, switch fronts and lights are fitted.

Finally, everything is attached up and made live and an Electrical Installation Certificate is issued.

As your NAPIT local electricians based in Manchester, we are well placed to give you the guidance you need and a service that’s second to none.

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House rewiring is not a simple job. It is a job best left to professional electricians unless you have the right skills, training, and equipment. At Pegasus Electrical, we provide both full and partial house rewiring services that cover everything in the entire process from survey and assessment to the professional installation of a new wiring system. We specialise in house rewiring in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

If you want to extend your property or are planning to move into another house older than 25 years, let us handle your house rewiring needs in the safest and most professional way at the most competitive prices. Don’t gamble with the safety of your family and property. Get your house rewired by qualified electricians from Pegasus Electrical.


There are many instances when rewiring is not only necessary but mandatory. For example, a house that hasn’t been rewired in the past 25 to 30 years and probably needs upgrading or refurbishing.

This will require a complete or partial rewire to make it compliant with the current safety standards in the electrical industry. There is a good reason for this. Modern households have a larger volume of electrical devices and power requirements than houses built in the 80s and 90s. The existing wiring in a 30-year-old house will definitely be strained by the high level of usage of modern devices and could pose danger to your family and property.

You may also require a full or partial rewiring if you intend to do a major innovation in your home that can be defined by the Building Regulations as “material alteration.” The renovation will usually require a complete replacement or upgrade of the fuse board among other things.

If you are extending your rooms or converting your attic or garage, you’ll need to make sure that your new wiring complies with Part P electrical safety of the building regulations. The existing wiring in the rooms being converted will need to be upgraded to ensure that it can safely handle extra loads. The new wiring should also be earthed according to the latest requirements and have the right cross bonding.

When creating more extensions to your home, the existing wiring in parts of your property that are not affected by the extensions may not need upgrading unless specifically indicated as a requirement in the building regulations.

Here are a few indicators that show your home needs rewiring:

  • If your old home is 25 to 30 years old or even older, its original wiring is already outdated and cannot safely handle the load exerted by multiple electrical gadgets and appliances that we have today. Any wiring system installed before the 1980s will have trouble accommodating modern-day electricity demands. You need to rewire the old home to ensure that it can safely handle modern appliances and electricity usage.
  • If you have put up your home for sale or you are planning to sell your house then you may need to consider rewiring to ensure that the home meets the current safety and building regulation’s codes.
  • A house rewiring may also be necessary if you have an overloaded electrical system. You could be heavily reliant on extension cords or probably have brought in new appliances that are causing your lights to flicker. This is a good reason to rewire your house and ensure that it can comfortably handle the extra load.

At Pegasus Electrical, we have a thorough and professional approach to house rewiring. We are Part P approved electrical contractors that you can count on for the safest and most cost-effective house rewiring with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Our house rewiring work is done in accordance with all the requirements of the relevant safety standards and building regulations.

Our process basically involves the following steps:

  • We start with a full assessment of all the work required and provide you with an honest and complete quote before we begin the work
  • We then do a thorough check on all the existing electrical connections in your home to ensure that they meet the current industry requirements
  • The house rewiring process is then done professionally and within the stipulated period. We even do complete electrical safety tests on the entire wiring to ensure that your home is 100% safe.
  • We test the entire circuit and the fuse board to ensure that they are working perfectly.
  • We check all power outputs and sockets and make sure that they comply with the current building regulations.
  • We will then provide you with a copy of a rewiring certificate showing all the work that we have done to make your property safer.
  • At Pegasus Electrical, we treat your property as our own and strive to do as little disruption as possible. We use dust mats and shoe protectors and even clean up after the job is done.
  • We are a fully certified and insured company
  • Our highly qualified and experienced electrical technicians are professional and polite
  • Our company has a solid reputation in the electrical installation and repair industry
  • Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. We ensure that your home remains safe and secure from electrical faults.
  • All our electricians are Part P approved professionals
  • We provide you with free quotes for the project
  • Our work is guaranteed
  • We have the most competitive rates for house rewiring
  • We have a friendly, reliable, and 24/7 active customer service just waiting to hear from you.